video project

For this project, we were instructed to project any word of our choice onto any object of our choice and shoot it in ten different angles. I chose to use

georges méliès

Georges Méliès was a very interesting man. He was a pioneer during new the newly founded film era specifically dealing with special effects. One of my favorite films of his is

isu v. oklahoma

The Thursday night game, what a thrill! It was a learning moment trying to figure out lighting, but a joy as always.

iowa state v. k state

Another heart breaker, but the Iowa State fans remain loyal as ever…!! Plus, the Vike’s old mascot was on the field. I fan girl-ed.

iowa state vs. baylor

Such a close game, almost took down those bears. The stormy sky made for some ‘tough guy’ photos.

Iowa State v. SJSU

Things are happening here at ISU. I am always left in awe how God’s plan is unimaginably greater than mine. He has given a wonderful opportunity to work with the Iowa

Iowa State v. UNI

Absolutley amazed with this environment. So electric! I couldn’t wait to share. Go state.