video project

For this project, we were instructed to project any word of our choice onto any object of our choice and shoot it in ten different angles. I chose to use

colorado // utah road trip

Plans are for planners!!!!! picked up a few hobos (ps all the black and white photos sprinkled throughout are le Josie’s 35mm) woahzers! nice work. you hit the bottom. that’s

georges méliès

Georges Méliès was a very interesting man. He was a pioneer during new the newly founded film era specifically dealing with special effects. One of my favorite films of his is

amy + ryan

A couple of midwest kids take on the PNW A huge thank you to my cousin Amy and her fiance Ryan for flying me out to hang and take their

the great pilgrimage // morgantown, wv

last week Monday we decided to drop our weekend plans and head to West Virgina. All first timers to this noble state, we were eager to learn and experience some


Jess and Spencer got married on a rainy September day in Okoboji, Iowa. Here is their story.      tag team back again! another special shout out to my Pepper

courtney + seth

courtney and seth got hitched on their farm out near Boyden, IA. Surrounded by wild chicken and children. This is their wedding story.        This day felt like a

christine + caleb

A day spent celebrating the love between two people. The rest is just icing on the cake, or sprinkles on the donut, or sugar on the sour patch kids.